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Irlen Syndrome is a perceptual problem (not a visual problem). It affects HOW one sees print when reading. It is not corrected with ordinary reading glasses. Irlen is treated with colored overlays or filters using the Irlen method.

Irlen can affect achievement, learning, and performance for struggling readers. For good readers it can limit the time they can read with comfort and understanding. People with Irlen Syndrome may have slow and inefficient reading, experience strain, tiredness, or have poor comprehension. Those with Irlen Syndrome often do not make significant progress from instruction and remediation. Irlen Syndrome is not detected by standard educational, visual, or medical tests.

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We will come to your home within a 30 mile radius of Winston Salem, NC and do a private Irlen Screening. The benefit here is to be screened in your own natural reading and learning environment.

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For a slightly lower cost, you can come to our home office in Winston Salem, NC for a private Irlen Screening.

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